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There are many different facets when it comes to “real estate law” in general. And while most people have a general understanding of what it constitutes, it’s critical to have someone on your side to help answer any and all questions that may arise.

Providing clarity to real estate law.

The attorneys at Seward & Associates have been involved in real estate law in a variety of ways. Our attorney, Richard Seward, has experience in dealing with property and estates as a lawyer for the past 24 years, but also as a banker and CPA. Mr. Seward has the experience necessary to help you fully understand residential or commercial property, and all that comes with it.

Our office offers assistance in the following property related areas:

  1. Purchase and sale contracts, leases, title documents
  2. Easements and boundary issues
  3. Escrow services
  4. Condemnation
  5. Trustee services
  6. Receiverships for property protection
Preserving or delivering good title is vital.

Disputes involving real estate present significant opportunities, as well as risks, that require legal review to maximize opportunities and minimize risks. It can be an extremely valuable asset in one’s portfolio, but with a clouded, or unclear chain of title, ownership can be brought into question, which can seriously damage the value in your property related asset.

We are here to help you understand.

If you have questions related to real estate, we are happy to provide answers. Our office offers free 30-minute phone consultations and in-office consultations in either our Port Orchard or Seattle law offices. To arrange a consultation call 360-876-6425 or email our law firm.

Attorney Richard D Seward

Attorney Richard D. Seward is an experienced Commercial Real Estate Finance Lawyer.

real estate residential

real estate commercial

From very tiny residential homes, to large commercial investment buildings – We can help.

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