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Managing Medical Bills

Health insurance does not necessarily translate into affordable healthcare.

Typically, people use their credit cards to help pay their medical bills, thereby shifting family budgets even further into the negative.[1] Thus, not surprisingly, healthcare cost is one of the primary reasons people declare bankruptcy.[2]
The stress from financial troubles can be just as devastating as coping with the physical and emotional challenges that accompany a serious illness. Between 2011 to 2014, roughly one in five persons under age 65 was in a family that had difficulty paying medical expenses in the past 12 months,[3] and in 2015, the percentage of adults who delayed or did not receive needed medical care for cost reasons increased as the number of diagnostic conditions increased.[4] And among insured with medical bill problems, a 2016 survey found that over 60 percent reported using most of their savings.[5] Read more

Prepare Your Spouse to Handle the Finances

When a spouse passes away, having some difficulties is to be expected. With planning, those difficulties can be limited to emotions and not finances.

Upon losing a spouse one of the biggest problems people often face is understanding and handling family finances. This is a particularly acute issue for many older women who have left management of financial matters primarily up to their husbands. It can also be a problem for older men, if their wives handled everything. Regardless of which spouse predeceases, a lack of knowledge about the finances can cause increased emotional and financial stress at the most inopportune time. This is a mostly avoidable problem. Read more

Advice for the financially challenged

Welcome to the Asset Protection Newsletter & Blog, dedicated to helping our readers to protect their hard earned Assets.  [1] This Newsletter and Blog will also provide you with the information that the money center banks do not want you to know.  [2] Now with the extension of the Bush tax cuts there is even more pressure on congress to find more revenue sources by broadening the tax base.

The Federal Government is like a family that is unable to pay its bills without incurring more debt or invading retirement accounts – David Walker, former US Comptroller General, in a politically crafted understatement said, “We’re on an imprudent unsustainable fiscal path”. Read more