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Message for employers

Do you have employees whose wages are being garnished? If you do, then you have a Problem. What is your Problem? You have a troubled employee in a financial mess, with no credit, and experiencing a major life crisis! This translates into lower employee productivity.

We have recently seen a trend where employers are being pro-active to help these employees. How do they help them? That is where we come in.
Our firm, DRLNW, helps the employee get their life back in order, financially and otherwise. We stop the garnishment immediately. Those funds then pay the costs to get the employee out from under the financial mess.

With a “fresh start” your employee can start to rebuild his or her life and become a more productive employee. This is good business management. It is a win-win.

If you have any questions in this area, please contact our DRLNW office at (360) 876-6425.

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