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Penalties for the Big Three in the Mortgage Industry

No one needs to be told this, as it may be the most obvious statement ever made: the mortgage industry, the real estate market and the United States economy are all in crisis-mode. Home values are down, people are underwater on their mortgages, foreclosure numbers are skyrocketing, the unemployment rate continues to rise, and there does not seem to be an end in sight. So what is being done by the government to punish the nation’s three largest mortgage companies for failing to comply with the current federal foreclosure-prevention effort? Read more

Foreclosure Fairness on the Radio

Richard Seward was a guest on the popular Dr. Pat radio show in Seattle. Hear what he had to say about the Foreclosure Fairness Act. The full interview also includes Rick’s son Adam, but this audio has been shortened to focus mostly on Rick’s discussion of how the Foreclosure Fairness Act works for homeowners in distress.
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To listen to the full audio including more of the discussion with Adam go to the Dr. Pat show and search for Richard Seward or Adam Seward. This broadcast is dated 04/28/11 11:30AM